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Apart from simple tools for business management, we will equip you with the knowledge that you will be able to use to manage your business better. One of the major problems in emerging markets is lack of business education, so the Kernel team decided to provide its users, customers, and anybody who’s interested in important insights into business management.

In our blog, we will tell you about how to go on making informed decisions about business growth and management.

The Difference Between Invoice, Bill, and Receipt

I asked a 24-year-old business owner from the Philippines who sell a surplus of running shoes online about the difference between invoice, bill, and receipt. He scratched his head and quipped “Is there any difference? Aren’t they the same?” Believe...

The Philippines is going digital with electronic invoices

Philippines is Going Digital with Electronic Invoices

Located in the ASEAN region, the heart of the world’s fastest-growing economies is the Philippines. An archipelago with over 73.9 million internet users contributing to the country’s internet economy worth US$ 7.5 billion. When the Philippines was hit by Covid-19,...

How to Guide: Small Business Financial Risk Management

How to Manage Small Business Financial Risks

If you’re reading this, you most likely are not the CEO of some multimillion-dollar company with tons and tons of financial resources to hold your hand. You are a small business owner, just like us, or a freelancer, sole proprietor,...

Basics of Small Business Financial Management

Basics of Small Business Financial Management

Let’s be plain. This article is for business owners looking for advice on how to manage their company’s finances. Are you tired yet hearing about the importance of leadership, team culture, cooperation, and vision? We are. Every business guru out...