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Well...yes and no.

The basic functionality of Kernel is completely free and always will be. So you can go ahead and start using without worrying about paying.

But we do have amazing premium features. See the features and pricing here:

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Kernel’s simple financial tools are built to make the life of small business owners slightly less unbearable.

Our software is the simplest way to create professional invoices wherever you are. It will take you under a minute to create, finalize and send your invoice to the customer.

Additionally, in our simple analytics, you will find only the essential data organized in beautiful graphs for you to interpret and analyze. Plus you can export and import data as you like.

And last but not least. With our simple but useful financial calculators, you’ll be able to easily make routine calculations in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to be a financial wizard to get answers quickly.

The kernel is 100% web-based, so the only things you need are the internet and a computer.

But we are working on a mobile app. So stay tuned!

Login to your Kernel account.


On Dashboard you’ll see two green buttons, saying “New Invoice”, one on the left navigation panel, and another in the top right corner. Click any of those two and you’re good to go.

From the menu click on Recurring Invoices and then the button New Recurring Invoice.

This will take you to the invoice creation page where everything is the same as in an ordinary invoice, except that Invoice Data is obviously auto-generated.

When you're done with the actual invoice click save. This will take you to the page where you will be able to set the schedule for your invoice to be created and sent.

That's it! Now this invoice will be automatically generated and sent according to the schedule.

Yes, you can change it to whatever number you want, just make sure that you don’t write the number of an already existing invoice on your account.


Go to Reports on the left navigation panel of Dashboard. There you can choose whether you want to see reports of income by customer or of aged receivables.



You can have an unlimited amount of companies per account.

To create a new one click on your company's name on the sidebar to open the drop-down and click Add Company.

Or go to the profile Settings and click the green plus button in the Owned Companies section.

That's easy.

Just go to Settings, then click on Users.

At the bottom, you will see the email field and the invite button. Just enter the email of the person you want to invite, choose the permissions you want to give them and click send.

If they are already using Kernel your company will automatically appear on their account. If not, then they will have to register.

While creating an invoice click on the small red X at the end of the item line.

You have an option in your profile setting to chose whether you want to apply tax on your items or not. When it’s on it automatically applies to the items in your invoice.

Go to Setting tab on the left navigation pane and right on top you’ll see a vacant space for your logo. Click on “Choose File” and select an imagine from your computer.

Go to Setting tab on the left navigation pane and change your Business currency.

There are two ways, either you can add a customer while creating an invoice by clicking on “Add new customer” or on Dashboard, left navigation pane, click on Customers tab, enter all necessary details and Save.

Similarly as with clients. There are two ways here too. Either you can add a product while creating an invoice by clicking on “Add From Products” and then "Add New Product" or on Dashboard, left navigation pane, click on Products tab, enter all necessary details and Save.

When you go to the Products or Customers page on the top you'll see the Import button.

Click on it, download the provided Excel template. Move your data into that template and upload it.

If there are any errors in the uploaded data the system will tell you where to find them.

That's it, now you can have all your products and customers in one place.

Yes, Kernel works on all devices.

Absolutely. Our servers are protected physically and digitally.

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