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What is Debit Note? | Meaning, Examples & TemplatesA debit note is a commercial document issued by a buyer or importer to a seller or exporter. This document informs them of the discrepancy between the invoice and the delivery.
What Are the 4 Types of GST? | Which One Applies to You?There are 4 types of GST in India. Let’s discuss them one by one. CGST is a single tax that is levied by the central government on the supply of goods and services.
What is an E-way Bill? | System, Rules & Generation Process ExplainedIn this article, you will learn why you need to use E-way Bill in India and how to generate it.
Everything you need to know about a delivery challan | Free TemplateThis article will help you simplify to know why you need to generate a Delivery Challan in India and how to do it.
Setting Up An Account With Kernel Tools For Your Invoicing NeedsIf you are a business owner and want to create recurring invoices and get paid without the hassle of notifying your customers, Kernel is the one thing you need.
Having Invoicing Provider for Accounts Receivable ManagementKernel simplifies and automates most of the invoice creation process by setting up an automated recurring invoicing schedule where invoice numbers and dates are adjusted automatically - getting you paid without having to create and send a new invoice repetitively.
How to Manage Small Business Financial RisksHere we'll tell you about the most common financial risks that small businesses face, some from our own experience and some based on the statistic.
Basics of Small Business Financial ManagementThis guide is for you who have had an idea and decided to pursue it but now need a little help to manage your finances effectively.
What's the Difference Between Accounting and FinanceWe'll tell you all about the difference between accounting and finances and give you hands-on tips on how you can avoid accounting problems and improve your financial management.
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