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Debit Note VS Credit Note - What's the Difference?We use debit and credit notes as official documents for accounting sale returns and purchase returns transactions. A debit note is equivalent to a purchase return. And a credit note is equal to a sales return.
Comprehensive information - What is a GST Tax Invoice? | Meaning, Examples, TemplatesThe document is also important for a registered person or company to claim ITC benefits. The document shared acts as a payment term between the seller and the buyer and benefits both equally.
What are the Objectives Of GST?There are 8 main objectives under the updated regime of GST (goods and service tax), which are important to know. That's why we decided to discuss each of them in detail in this article.
Tax Invoice vs Proforma Invoice | What are the DifferencesBoth the documents tax invoice and proforma invoice are important, but the invoice is much more critical, and the proforma invoice is most commonly used in import and export transactions.
What is a Proforma Invoice? | Meaning, Examples & TemplatesA proforma invoice under GST is a document that is typically used to give buyers an estimated cost for goods or services or to request advance payment for goods or services.
What is a Credit Note? | Meaning, Examples & TemplatesA credit note is a document that a seller issues to a buyer in order to adjust or rectify an error in a previous invoice or bill. The main purpose of a credit note is to correct a mistake on an invoice or provide a refund to the buyer.
What is Debit Note? | Meaning, Examples & TemplatesA debit note is a commercial document issued by a buyer or importer to a seller or exporter. This document informs them of the discrepancy between the invoice and the delivery.
What Are the 4 Types of GST? | Which One Applies to You?There are 4 types of GST in India. Let’s discuss them one by one. CGST is a single tax that is levied by the central government on the supply of goods and services.
What is an E-way Bill? | System, Rules & Generation Process ExplainedIn this article, you will learn why you need to use E-way Bill in India and how to generate it.
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